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I can give you the tools - you can unleash your potential.

Due to the current environment

          all my services are

       "What you can afford"


Daiga Millere – Sue Stone Foundation Accredited Coach/NLP Life Coach/BACP Psychotherapist/Hypnotherapist, EFT & REIKI Practitioner and also hold Institute Leadership Management Certificate

I have deep knowledge on how challenging life can be at the times. It took a long time for me to acknowledge and overcome my challenges, but now I’m reached the place, where I am capable to help others to overcome their challenges. Whilst I have many qualifications, I do not consider myself a ‘’Text Book‘’ Coach and Therapist. In my client work I’m integrating all my life experience, skills and knowledge gained over the years to facilitate and overcome every single client’s challenges faster and changes their lives for better. Having so many techniques at hand, I am able to find right tools to facilitate individual client’s growth in order to meet their specific needs.


I can help you

Get to know yourself better and boost your self-esteem

Support you in choosing a new path and help you succeed in all your new projects 

Talk in confidence, solve your past issues and become your best self

Create a happy, healthy and wealthy life

Guide you out of your comfort zone 

Shine the light on the way out of from stagnation

I specialize in

I specialize in helping individuals resolve their past and present issues while facilitating their movement forward, including, but not limited too:

 Confidence & Low –self Esteem

Historic child abuse


Depression and Anxiety

Long term domestic and psychological abuse


Self harm

Rape & sexual abuse

Alcohol and Drug addiction

My Services


Counselling /



Public Speaking


EFT (Emotional

Freedom Technique)

Reiki (Energy





"I wasn't sure about taking sessions but decided to go for it as price seems reasonable. I was surprised how special I felt and in how many ways Daiga helped me. My life is changed so much and only thanks to Daiga."


- Ritvar